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Resin for memorial jewellery is the best option

A piece of memorial jewellery is a very special and personal object. And, as such, it should be made to the highest standards and with the best materials available. There are two ways to mount the ashes in a piece of jewellery. Either set in glass or in resin. We believe that resin for memorial jewellery is the best option, and these are the reasons why.

Safety of glass versus resin for memorial jewellery

The resin used in Everwith memorial jewellery sets to an extremely hard and durable finish. That means that it can stand up to the knocks and bumps of everyday wearing. It will not chip, crack, or break, even if directly hit against a hard surface.

Glass, on the other hand, can shatter or chip quite easily. Sadly, this could cause an untimely end to such an important piece of jewellery. Additionally, the tiny shards of glass could cause injury to the wearer or to others.

The durability of the setting

Glass is a hard and inflexible material, and these very properties make it a difficult substance to mount securely. Even with careful cutting, it is extremely hard to shape the glass to exactly match the form of the mount. Even a small imperfection in the fit can cause a tiny movement which can cause a glass centre stone to work loose over time. This constant friction of a hard substance against a softer surround can cause the glass to fall out of the mount. The loss of any centre stone is annoying. But, such a precious one, containing the ashes of a departed loved one could be emotionally devastating.
However, with a centre stone made of resin, it is possible to achieve a perfect fit. This ensures a much better grip in the mount. As the resin is entered into the mount in liquid form it fits exactly. There is a perfect bond with every part of the mount. This makes for a far safer setting and this is another reason why resin for memorial jewellery is the better option.

Versatility of shape using resin for memorial jewellery

Again, due to the fact that glass is difficult to cut and shape, the range of styles into which it can be formed is limited. Glass can not be used in very intricate or dainty pieces of jewellery. It is simply impossible to use glass in many complex designs.

On the other hand, resin for memorial jewellery is ideally suited for any mounting, however small or delicate. As the resin is gradually introduced in liquid form into the setting it creates a perfect fit. The resin enters into any shape and perfectly fills every nook and cranny. Even an extremely intricate or tiny setting is not a problem when using resin.

The end result

Using resin for memorial jewellery creates a truly spectacular end result. The ashes are clearly visible and appear to float suspended within the resin. To achieve this, our jewellers select the pieces of ashes that will best compliment the piece of jewellery. Their choice will depend on the size of the mount and the chosen resin colour. They then enter the resin into the mount, layer upon layer. As they do this they ensure that the chosen ashes are evenly distributed throughout each level. This is a delicate and laborious job. However, this is what makes sure that the finished piece of jewellery looks really stunning.

Each piece is individually created and each one has a unique look. When you observe the end result you get a feeling of depth and profundity. The individual pieces of ash are really beautiful and the way they are set allows you to really appreciate their unique loveliness. Some people choose to add a small amount of diamond dust into the resin mix. This creates a mystical sparkle when the sunlight catches them.

With glass, the end result is not nearly as impressive. The ashes tend to look more dust-like and their beauty cannot be appreciated. So, this is another important reason why resin for memorial jewellery is the ideal choice.

Changes in the finish

When set, we polish the special resin we use in our memorial jewellery to a high shine. The final layer is especially hard and polishes beautifully. It will not scratch, dull, or loose its shiny finish even with daily use. Furthermore, our resin contains a special UV filter. This prevents yellowing or discolouration that can occur with inferior quality resins. Additionally, the resin comes in twelve distinct colours and these shades will remain true over time.
Glass, on the other hand, can get scratched and the finish become dull with constant use. Tiny scratches my not be noticeable at first, but over time they can destroy the surface of the piece.


Glass weighs a lot more than resin. That means that memorial jewellery made with glass can feel heavy, cumbersome, and uncomfortable to wear. This is especially true for pieces of jewellery that have a large mount containing a lot of glass.

The resin for memorial jewellery that we use weighs very little. That makes the piece of jewellery feel light and comfortable to the wearer.