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How long will it take to make my customer's piece of EverWith memorial jewellery?

If you are ordering an in-stock piece of EverWith memorial jewellery, the finished item should be returned to you within seven working days from when we receive back your completed order package. If you are ordering a Gold piece, please allow around 4 to 6 weeks processing time as these jewellery pieces are individually crafted. Our automated email system will keep you up to date with the progress of your piece of memorial jewellery throughout the entire order process.

What are your delivery methods?

Delivery is free on all orders. Once your memorial jewellery has been completed by our jewellery team, DPD will safely deliver your item. You will receive a text notification from DPD giving you a 1 hour time slot for delivery the next working day.

How do I check for updates on my customer's order?

We will send you regular updates via email throughout the process. If for some reason you aren’t receiving these notifications, please call or email us and we will check this for you. Please check whether the emails have gone into your spam folder first.

What if my customer's piece of memorial jewellery is faulty?

We photograph and quality check all jewellery when the team have finished making the piece, before releasing for delivery. However, if you do notice a fault then please do contact your account manager via email or phone and they will always be happy to help you.

What happens to the ashes?

The cremation ashes will be treated with the dignified respect and care that they deserve. They remain in the sealed labelled bag until it is time to add them to the resin. This is done with the utmost of care. If there are more ashes than required to make the piece of EverWith memorial jewellery, these will be safely returned in a sealed bag, with the finished piece.

What kind of resin is used?

At EverWith, we use a highly specialised Polymer resin which is UV resistant. This means that it will not discolour over time even if exposed to direct sunlight. This unique resin will not crack or smash, and it comes in a choice of twelve colours. The final form is made up of several layers of coloured resin mixed with ashes. The final layer is a super-hard transparent one which protects all the other layers. Once made, the ashes are permanently sealed within the resin and cannot be removed. They will remain suspended and visible forever.

How should my customer care for their memorial jewellery?

They can wear their piece of memorial jewellery most of the time. However, please do make sure it is removed when: doing housework; sunbathing; applying perfume and lotion; showering and bathing. If the jewellery needs to be cleaned, we would recommend using a clean cloth and soapy water that won’t be too harsh on the piece.

Please refer to our Jewellery Care & Refurbishment page for further details.

Is there a warranty on the jewellery?

EverWith memorial jewellery comes with a 1-year warranty on construction defects, and the coloured layer has a one-year guarantee from the date of purchase.

Can I include ashes from more than one person?

Yes you can send us more than one set of ashes. This is a lovely idea for someone that may have lost both parents and wish for them to be together always. Just make sure the ashes are labelled and sent back with your confirmation card.

Can I have more than one colour in my piece of memorial jewellery?

Yes you can. We have a few selected pieces available that can include more than one resin colour. Please call or email our customer service team if you are unsure whether you can have more than one for your chosen piece.

Can I add hair into my memorial piece instead of ashes?

Yes you can. Just add a few strands of hair into the bag provided instead of ashes and send this with your order confirmation card in the pre paid envelope.

Can you include pet ashes into the memorial jewellery?

Of course. You can include either pet ashes for fur into all our beautiful jewellery.

Do you offer jewellery for men?

Yes we offer a stunning range of memorial jewellery for men. This includes: rings; pendants; and cufflinks.

What is Diamond Dust?

Diamond dust is the last layer that is added to the jewellery. It is not a glitter or sparkle and its visibility can depend on the design you choose, resin colour, and also the ashes themselves.

Can I get my memorial jewellery engraved?

Yes our memorial jewellery can be engraved. However, this isn’t a service we currently offer at this point in time and so you would need to visit a jewellers.

Do your charm beads fit Pandora?

Yes they do. All our beautiful memorial charm beads fit standard Pandora bracelets. If you want to double check, please refer to the measurements section in the item description.

What happens if I scratch or damage my jewellery?

We want you to treasure your jewellery piece forever. But, accidents do happen. We offer a refurbishment service which will include replating and replacing any missing stones if necessary.

Please refer to our Jewellery Care & Refurbishment page for further details.