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Jewellery Care & Refurbishment

We understand how important your new jewellery piece is to you and that you’ll want to treasure and wear it for many years to come. With all jewellery, however, there are certain things that you need to be careful of when wearing it on a day-to-day basis.

Our jewellery is beautifully crafted from a selection of materials including 925 Sterling Silver and 9k solid Gold. Our Sterling Silver pieces also feature a thin plating of Rhodium to reduce the need to polish the piece. Sterling Silver will naturally tarnish when exposed to the air and would need regular polishing if we didn’t use Rhodium plating. However, Rhodium plating will wear off with time and use and will need re-plating from time to time. Chemicals such as bleach, detergents, perfume, to name but a few, will damage the Rhodium plating and cause the Sterling Silver underneath to be visible and therefore tarnish.

All of our jewellery is regaularly tested by UK accredited laboratories to ensure full compliance for things such as nickel and cadmium levels, conforming with the REACH Directive (1907/2006).

Our Fixed Fee refurbishment service will restore your jewellery piece to as new condition. We will endeavour to repair minor damage, scratches and missing crystals. If we are unable to repair your item we will contact you to discuss options.

  • 1) Take it off when doing housework

    Harsh chemicals found in cleaning products will damage the finish of your jewellery piece instantly. Rings, in particular, can be easily bent or scratched.

  • 4) Take it off when swimming

    Swimming, in either chlorinated pool water or salty sea water, is extremely damaging to the Rhodium plating and the resin on your jewellery.

  • 2) Take it off when you are showering / bathing

    We recommend that you remove all jewellery when showering or bathing as even everyday products such as shampoo or bodywash can damage the finish.

  • 5) Take it off when applying perfume / hand sanitiser

    It’s best to remove your jewellery when applying perfume, cosmetics, hair spray, lotions and hand sanitisers as these contain harsh chemicals.

  • 3) Take it off when sunbathing

    Strong UV rays can damage the finish of your jewellery, and the resin can also be damaged by extreme heat and light.

  • 6) Be careful not to knock your jewellery

    Hitting a hard surface will bend and damage jewellery, and can cause crystals to be lost.

Fixed Fee Service

Our Fixed Fee Service will return your jewellery piece to as new condition for only £39.

This service is suitable for minor repairs and refinishing.

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All EverWith® jewellery pieces come with a 1 year warranty. When considering warranty claims for our jewellery pieces, we won’t be able to proceed if the item shows visible signs of damage caused by any of the reasons stated above. Jewellery is extremely delicate and must be treated carefully.

If a jewellery item appears physically damaged then we reserve the right to charge for any repairs needed under a warranty claim. For example, if a Fine crystal has been lost and the jewellery piece is deformed or dented, then a charge will be made to replace the crystal.

If a jewellery item needs replating again and again then it is normally an issue caused by harsh chemicals coming into contact with it or improper use. Plated metals will react with chemicals and will cause jewellery to tarnish, often seen as black marks on the jewellery piece where it has oxidised. Please remember that jewellery is delicate and will need removing before doing any chores or coming into contact with any cleaning products whatsoever.

Rhodium plating wears off over time and will need to be replated. Typically, a ring would need to be replated once every 12 to 24 months.

Please be careful when replating EverWith® jewellery pieces if you decide to use your local jeweller instead. We use a special replating technique which does not cause damage to the resin containing the ashes.