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The gift of a lifetime – EverWith Memorial Jewellery

Memorial jewellery has been around for a while. Many people find that keeping some cremation ashes in a piece of jewellery can be comforting. Additionally, a piece of memorial jewellery makes a touching gift.

What makes EverWith memorial jewellery different?

EverWith™ pendants, rings, earrings, and bracelets feature a coloured resin containing some of the cremation ashes. Our unique technique keeps the ashes suspended visibly within the special resin. The ashes sparkle as they catch the light to create a beautiful, ethereal effect.

Additionally, we offer twelve different resin colours to create really unique, individually-styled pieces.

Why do people buy cremation jewellery?

Many people find comfort by keeping something of a departed loved one close to them. People use the cremation ashes of family members, friends, and even pets in their memorial jewellery. Others make pieces to give as gifts to special family members or friends of the deceased. For others, the piece of jewellery may be a tribute to the departed.

Will the jewellery last forever?

All EverWith jewellery is made with high-quality materials. We craft each piece individually by hand and pay great attention to detail. We coat our hallmarked 925 Sterling Silver pieces with a Rhodium plating. This prevents the silver from tarnishing and discolouring. Your piece of jewellery will keep its bright finish without the need for polishing.

Also, the special resin we use is UV resistant. That means that it will not turn yellow or discolour even with prolonged exposure to sunlight. Furthermore, the multiple layers which form the resin, make it very strong. It will not break, shatter, or crack.

We do recommend that you take off your piece of EverWith memorial jewellery before doing household chores like washing the dishes. Also, when you bathe, shower, or go swimming. The soap, chlorine or abrasive agents could cause damage to your jewellery.

With the correct care, your piece of EverWith memorial jewellery will last forever. That makes it the perfect way to remember a departed loved one.